October 2013: SS Drive Cups announced!

Made from a special hardened alloy steel, these are some of the toughest wearing drive cups available on the market today - verified by numerous test drivers on various electric tourers.

September 2013: 417LX Steering Arms released

Why wait for the 418 when Smokem has all the cool bits to upgrade your 417 right now! The 2mm longer 417LX Steering Arms give a longer swing arc for smoother steering and increased throw.

August 2013: Smokem 417V7 Conversion released

The 417V7 Conversion Set takes the multiple world championship winning TRF417 to the next level! This awesome upgrade moves the motor towards the centerline by a substantial 4.5mm and incorporates multiple flex options.

July 2013: TC6MX Chassis released

Time for the Team Associated TC6 and TC6.1 to get the Smokem treatment! Achieve HUGE cornerspeed with the 2.25mm medium flex Smokem TC6MX chassis.

May 2013: T4MX Chassis released

The T4MX is set to rock the socks off your XRAY T4, just like the T3MX did to the XRAY T3 2012. This 2.25mm thick medium flex chassis has a wide tuning window which allows you to dial in your car over a range of temperature and track conditions.

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